Episode 4: What is CRI?

Episode 4: What is CRI?


What is CRI?

The CRI (Color Rendering Index) is the index measuring how accurately a light source reproduces colors on a scale from 1 to 100. This tool helps to understand the efficiency of LEDs to reflect the right color. The higher the CRI is high the more the color rendering is accurate. Nowadays, especially in retail, CRI 90+ is the minimum. Indeed the customers will be more attracted if the color perception is accentuated and real.

Why CRI90+ is crucial in luxury retail and hospitality?

Because nowadays each brand is focusing on developing sales trough bettering customer experience trough high-end visual merchandising proposals. The color is triggering most of the emotions and it appears more and more as leverage to develop brand identity. Rely on CRI 90+ is consequently the motor to drive and trigger the emotions of customers.

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