Episode 1: What are lumen and lux?

Episode 1: What are lumen and lux?


What are lumen and lux?

The luminous flux is measured trough the lumen, it represents the amount of light output from a light source. However, this index is not fully efficient to understand how the light output is used. The lighting designer has to take into account the beam angle and power. The light intensity is measured trough the lux level. We use this index to measure the light output on a giver area. The more the light is concentrated within the small area the more the lux level is high.

Why luminous flux is so important?

In lighting Design intent, the lighting designer analyses thanks to lux level the accuracy of the lighting selection. It helps him to define the power and the beam angle of the lighting fixtures. We developed the finest selection of lens end light engine to permit every lighting designer to develop their lighting design the perfect way.

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