Episode 7: Benefits of lighting on Retail Experience

Episode 7: Benefits of lighting on Retail Experience


The Power of Lighting & its Benefits on Retail Experience

When entering a store, customers get to experience the image and atmosphere of the brand. While they expect a certain type of product, they discover your brand image through the layout, the colours, and the interior design of the store. To emphasize all these elements, appropriate lighting is required. Besides, with the rise of online shopping, it is crucial to create a prestigious and unique experience that will invite customers to come back.

Accent lighting, lighting solutions for retail

Creating contrast with lighting will make perception easier and enhance the levels of attention of customers. Therefore, accent lighting is a way to communicate with your customers, guiding them through your store and keeping them active. Accent lighting is also a way to illustrate your brand: through the right lighting solutions, you can give an atmosphere that matches your brand’s spirit. Hence, it is important to make sure your store is not too bright or too dim.

Focusing on customers’ comfortability is a must, creating an eye-pleasing atmosphere. Through the lighting design of your store, you can also affect customer behaviour. While dimmed lighting gives a sense of privacy to your customers, a bright environment allows them to view your products in the context of natural lighting or everyday use. Adapting the lighting results in parts of your store depending on their purpose is therefore essential. Lighting must be planned early in the process of your store design, while defining your store image as well as the desired atmosphere.

Various lighting solutions for personalised illuminations

The benefits of lighting are now defined, what should you do to create your personalised atmosphere that matches your brand image? Through a variation of lighting solutions, you can create a unique, made-to-measure store experience. Within architectural lighting, you can find a range of products that will be used differently and will offer distinct results.


Track lights offer large flexibility and allow you to illuminate specific locations: Mannequins, shelves, POS. Hence, it helps to highlight certain products and focus on their details.


For the overall ambiance of the store, downlights are recessed into the ceiling. They will clearly define the atmosphere of the space by making it more or less bright.

Strips & Linear lighting

Strip and linear lighting are also used on the ceiling to create indirect lighting. However, they can also be installed in furniture, illuminating the products placed inside.

Miniaturized lighting solutions

Like strips and linears, these lighting solutions are placed into furniture and serve the same purpose. As it highlights the content placed on the furniture, lighting levels must be three times brighter than the overall illuminance of the store, which will attract the customers. This is the type of lighting that should be taken advantage of: placing your new and seasonal collections in a brighter location of the store will guide them to it.

This effective overview of the lighting solutions available for your retail will help you define your needs and create an exciting place for your customers to visit and purchase in your store.


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